Introduction to the Roman pole

Introduction to the Roman pole

Roman rod is a horizontal rod hanging curtains, rod cylinder, diameter of about four centimetres, the length according to the size of the window, the rod ends for gourd-shaped column head, play a decorative role, similar to the style of ancient Roman buildings and named. Roman rod fixed horizontally above the window, there is a groove on the rod for the slide, the rod set on the ring, the ring has a pulley in the slide movement, drive the curtains open and close.

Roman rods are made of three materials: solid wood, iron and aluminium.

  •  Solid wood Roman rod

Solid wood Roman rod is more common, a variety of colours, according to the type is divided into cover colour and transparent colour two kinds. Basically, it depends on whether the surface treatment is smooth or not, and whether the paint is even or not, and so on. Advantages: firm and durable, texture, beautiful and generous, colourful. Disadvantages: there is a smell, easy to deformation, insects, cracking.

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  • Iron rodiron

Roman rod is suitable for European and South American style home, in the selection, mainly look at the material and surface treatment, the thickness is very important. Advantages: beautiful appearance, plasticity, quality is more solid. Disadvantages: if the rust prevention of iron rods is not done properly, after a long time, the iron rods are easy to corrode, rust stains, and the colour is relatively single.


  • Aluminium alloy rod

Aluminium Roman rod is the most common Roman rod material on the market. When you choose to focus on the wall thickness of the Roman rod, a good tube wall is relatively thick, to be in 1.5mm-2mm. advantages: the material is relatively thick, firm and not easy to corrosion and deformation, the appearance of a variety of beautiful, with convenient. The disadvantage is that it is a variety of styles, so that people can not eat that good, the quality also varies, and even take carbon steel posing as aluminium alloy, so it will be in the price will be fooled. Roman rod is suitable for floor curtains, very grand.

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