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Tips for Choosing Curtains

First, the choice of colour: before choosing curtains should first consider what is the main apoptosis of interior decorative colours. Most of the rooms in our country are white or light milky yellow, light lake green, light blue walls, therefore, the choice of coordinated milky yellow, light brown, green, light blue, light red and so on can be coordinated with it, to achieve a satisfactory aesthetic effect. More specifically, such as light milky yellow walls, with brown curtains; lake green with light green; cream with light red, light green or white. If the wall is large window small, with contrasting colours can also achieve the desired effect, such as red and green, yellow and purple, but not too strong contrast.

In addition, curtain colour selection should also take into account the characteristics of the family, such as the newlywed room windows to the colour should be fresh, strong, to increase the lively, joyful atmosphere; the elderly living room curtains should be quiet, calm and tone, to present quiet, harmony. Bedroom and living room colours should also be different, the former curtains should be light, so that people are quiet; the latter should be strong, giving people a sense of solemnity. Seasonal changes and the choice of curtain colours should not be ignored, the summer colour should be light; winter colour should be deep, in order to change people's psychological "hot" and "cold" feeling. In addition, in the same room, it is best to use the same colour and pattern of the curtains to maintain the overall beauty, but also to prevent a sense of clutter.

Second, the choice of texture: according to the environment and seasonal changes, different texture of the curtains can make the room appear different atmosphere, such as drawstring empty flower curtains, can be strong sunlight into a thin and soft dipping light, not only blocking the sun, but also to keep the room bright and clean; and heavy corduroy, flat velvet curtains in the prevention of noise interference in the effect is better. The ideal configuration is a layer of curtains, a heavy corduroy, flat velvet or double cloth curtains, which can be used according to different needs. At present, most of the general family used to hang a layer of curtains, therefore, the choice of curtain texture should not be too thick, nor too thin. In addition, when it is cold, the texture of the curtains should be selected thick cloth or velvet production, in order to give a person a warm, heavy feeling; when the day is hot, the curtains of the texture should be selected with a light yarn or silk production, in order to give a person a cool, airy feeling.


Third, the pattern, the choice of pattern, with the size of the room windows, the age of the occupants and indoor furniture style coordination, such as the window is short, should not use horizontal patterns and small patterns, otherwise it will make the windows appear shorter, and should be used in vertical patterns and patterns to increase the "big" feeling; patterns of large should not be done on the small window curtains to prevent the window appears small; curtains pattern should be correct to avoid the diagonal pattern, otherwise it will cause the window tilt of the illusion.

Fourth, the size of the choice, its length is about 20 to 30 cm longer than the window sill is appropriate, so as not to be blown up by the wind, revealing the window frame. If the two windows are very close to each other, use two pieces of curtains to join the window as a whole. Selection of floor-to-ceiling curtains should be about one inch higher; its width can be made in proportion to the width of the window multiplied by 1.5 to 2.

When choosing curtains, the seasonal factors should not be ignored. Summer curtains should be used with light texture yarn or silk, in order to breathe cool, the colour can choose white, beige, light grey, sky blue; winter should be used with thick flannel cloth, thick and warm, suitable for brown, dark green, purple red, dark brown; spring and autumn seasons can be used with floral curtains, it is suitable for all seasons. Spring curtains should choose lively and bright pink, autumn is the season of maturity, can choose withered yellow. Curtains are a landscape, if often change the curtains, not only enjoy the seasons without leaving home, but also let the living room always keep fresh.

No matter what kind of curtains you choose, consider the hue of the walls, floors and furnishings of the room, and the hue of the curtains should be in harmony with the colour tone of the living room and match it in order to form a unified and harmonious beauty. According to the overall style of the living room to configure the curtains in the home, curtains designed to match the tone of the home, do not deliberately create space. Curtains are well chosen, its decorative role is well embodied, will make up for the shortcomings in the decoration, better reflect the style of the home!

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