About Us

Founded by a passionate team more than one decade back, ZSHINE has been well positioned as trusted brands in the window coverings industry. 

Listening to the customers is in our DNA and at the heart of our success. Over the past decade, the ZSHINE team established a trusted company on this reputation and now our products have been part of the elegant elements of hundreds of houses, home and abroad.

Owning a 6-storey building totaling more than 20,000 square meters (around 200,000 square feet), ZSHINE sells window coverings that are manufactured in house. Premium quality and competitive price are at our firm control, as a result.
With more than one decade development, we now proudly enjoy a big portfolio including tailor-made blinds, shades, drapes, shutters as well as curtains poles, tracks and pelmets. More amazingly, we can customize the images on the blinds, be it a memorable moment in your life or a business logo for your company.

Inspired by the motto “Smart · Driven by Elegance”, we are committed to making every house smart and elegant with our innovative products. You Define, We Design. As this slogan goes, we will continue catering to your personal preferences and making the innovative designs.


Wherever you are, we are always your trusted window coverings supplier.