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why motorized roller blinds are so popular?

With the intelligent home in the continuous development, life in the electric class of products, but also slowly appeared in people's lives. Electric curtains, as the name suggests, are activated by electricity, through is remote control and mobile phones, you can control the curtains on and off. Intelligent electric roller blinds are high-tech products based on the application of traditional curtains, because of its easy to operate, simple and transparent characteristics continue to get the majority of people's favorite.

Motorized roller blinds are in essence the same as traditional curtains, which are mainly used for shading, protection of personal privacy, and to meet the various needs of users. Motorized roller blinds in addition to the same characteristics as traditional curtains, but also derived from other features:

1. Electric roller blinds quality and safety are better

Electric roller blind is a motorized roller shutter mechanism powered by a tubular motor. It operates only by toggling the power switch, easy to operate, quiet and smooth work, is an upgraded product of manual rolling shutters. The motor is directly installed in the aluminium alloy rolling tube, which not only reduces the volume of the curtain box and the transmission link of the force, but also reduces the influence of the outside world on the motor and increases the reliability of the mechanism. Rolling tube for the aluminium alloy material, high strength, and not easy to deform; surface anodic oxidation treatment, anti-aging, corrosion resistance. The mounting bracket is made of high-strength alloy steel with high bending and shearing strength, which ensures the safety and reliability of the mechanism installation and use.

2. The control effect of multi-level balance

Electric roller blinds are also known as intelligent curtains, which are mainly composed of wire-free controllers that use an intelligent controller system to control the curtain switch, operate and set the main controller and the motor and pulling mechanism that pulls the curtains. So not only can you use the remote control to control the lifting and lowering of the curtains, but also can be operated manually, fully taking into account in case of power outages at home, to avoid the situation where the curtains can not be used due to power outages. In addition to control by remote control and manual use, it can also be group control, which is very convenient.

3. Electric roller blinds intelligent effect

Electric roller blinds in order to facilitate the use of more people, taking into account the needs of men and women, young and old, there are innovations in performance. Electric roller blinds through the wireless controller can control the curtains at will, without the need to manually use the curtains, and electric roller blinds can be booked in advance, the electric roller blinds for timing settings, electric roller blinds can be automatically moved without any changes. In addition, it can also voice control the lifting and lowering of the electric roller blinds, a variety of intelligent control methods, suitable for different needs of people.

4. Electric roller blinds are widely used

Motorized roller blinds are commonly used in office buildings, conference rooms, shopping malls and other venues, where the appearance, that is, the effect of ordinary curtains, but also has a unique advantage, in the current soft furnishings, quite popular. In addition, the living room and bedroom at home can be used, simple and transparent, beautiful and generous. In the window area of the conference room, villa, etc. more can highlight its characteristics, the use of motorised roller blinds for large areas of glass to be more imposing. At the same time the use of roller blinds also saves manpower and material resources. Whether it is a floor-to-ceiling windows or general windows, can be installed motorized roller blinds, the use of universal.

The application effect of electric power is not only limited to blocking sunlight and protecting privacy, but the overall sense of line will make your decoration style more modern and fashionable.

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