Features of Honeycomb Curtains

Features of Honeycomb Curtains

The honeycomb curtains are made of high quality polyester synthetic fabric, high quality polyester synthetic fabric is a kind of synthetic fabric in our life, its biggest advantage is that it is very good at resisting wrinkles and retaining shape. Honeycomb curtains are also quite good in UV resistance and waterproof performance, and have very good heat insulation function, which maintains the indoor temperature and also achieves a very good energy-saving effect. Use anti-static treatment, easy to wash. The pull cord is hidden in the hollow layer, perfect appearance, simple and practical.

Motorised honeycomb curtain is a high-grade indoor sunshade decorative item, which is driven by a DC motor with small motor size, low power, safe and reliable features. Through the speed regulating device to make the coaxial on the rope winder to produce rotation, pulling the lifting rope lift, so as to achieve the opening and closing of the curtain. Its unique structure of the limit device so that different specifications of the product can be accurately positioned up and down, and at the same time in the motor in the blocking state motor power supply automatically cut off, so that the motor is not blocking damage.

Honeycomb curtain type classification: full blackout honeycomb curtain and half blackout honeycomb curtain. Full blackout honeycomb curtains have thermal and acoustic insulation functions, which can effectively maintain a constant temperature in the room and keep the space quiet. Because of its full blackout design, it can effectively protect privacy.The products are available in a variety of colours, as well as half blackout design, which are mainly used on windows in dining rooms, bathrooms and garages.

Half blackout honeycomb shades combine the functionality and elegance of a honeycomb shade with the design of a classic pleated shade, making it a near-perfect window treatment. The Honeycomb Shade overcomes the weaknesses of pleated shades that cause the body of the shade to straighten out due to the increased height and weight of the shade, resulting in a uniform body and colour that is consistent from top to bottom. The cords and perforations are not visible on a pleated blind as the cords pass through the protective layer on the back. Moving freely on a track without a bottom groove, the Bee Pleat Shade can block out light coming into the bedroom or cover half the window, can completely reflect light and has the ability to darken a room even during the day.

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