Your satisfaction is very important and our customer service champions are always here to assist and advise with everything related to your home. Do you hesitate on what colour to choose? What size should you go for? Or do you need help returning a product? Our champions are available 24/7 one email away.

1.Why do I need to pay customs tax when it’s declared “free shipping” in the order?

The tax is NOT included in the price. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to pay the customs tax. Please refrain from placing order if you are not happy with the tax.

2.What’s the definition of the blind’s width?

The width size of the blind refers to the end-to-end width, including brackets. It means the fabric itself will be about 3cm less.

3.Why I don’t see plug for my hard-wired AC motor?

The plug is not provided in the order. The buyer needs to extend the wires to the home power loop or connect the plug by himself / herself.

4.What’s the difference between 2-channel remote and 6-channel remote?

 2-channel remote can control 2 blinds independently while 6-channel remote can control 6 blinds independently. If you want to control blinds in a synchronized way, both remotes can control tens of blinds.

 5.How long does it take you to process my order?

 The blinds are 100% customized and it takes about 4-5 days to process the order in our factory.

 6.Is the battery motor charged only by solar panel?

 No, the battery motor can be charged by both solar panel (an optional accessory) and USB cable (the same as you do for your mobile phone)

 7.When I push the remote, why does the blind move only a few centimeters?

You need to first pre-set the upper and lower stopping positions. After the setting, with only one click, it can go to 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% positions automatically.

 8.Will the motor work for my local voltage?

The motor can work in a range of 110V and 240V, which covers the majority of the voltage around the world.

 9.Can I ask for printing my customized picture on the fabric?

Yes, we can print customized pictures and logos on the fabric and laser mark also on the lower bar.

 10.My size is W200*H100cm, why do you charge much more than W100*H200cm since they take the same fabric size?

The price depends even more heavily on the shipping size. Obviously W200cm shipping size is twice of W100cm.

 11.How do I know when I shall charge the motor? (for rechargeable battery motor)

 When the motor battery is low, the LED on the motor blinks. Please charge it before the battery is fully drained away.

 12.Why my blind doesn’t respond to the remote anymore?

1.Please check if the battery inside the remote is low. Change the battery and try again. 2. Please try to pair the motor with the remote again. (sometimes the pairing is lost due to some unknown RF interference)

13.Why I don’t see the charging cable for each blinds?

The charging cable can be shared among the blinds. By default, in the package, two blinds share one cable.

14.Can I use the blinds outdoors?

The motor is not water-proof. It’s NOT suitable for outdoor use.