How to choose a motorised curtain track?

How to choose a motorised curtain track?

Choose a different electric curtain track, the effect is also very different, in the choice of the time you can choose the right track according to their own selection of curtains.

1. Concealed track

  • Profile: aluminium alloy for the top, the so-called nano track, in fact, is plastic, just change a name, long-term use will be aging, fracture, belong to the short-term use of products. Aluminium alloy electric curtain track made of more varieties, surface treatment of oxidation, spraying, electrophoresis, raw materials to primary aluminium alloy for the top, many cheap aluminium alloy track is made of recycled materials, surface treatment to electrophoresis for the best, smooth surface, do not fade.
  •  Pulleys: plastic and nylon two categories, most of the plastic recycled materials, dull and rough surface, with not long will break and aging, its pull ring generally The use of ordinary wire bending, time will rust, pollution of curtains, good pulley made of wear-resistant virgin nylon, smooth and burr-free, smooth hand pull. The pull ring is made of 304 stainless steel, and a magnet can be used to distinguish it when choosing.
  • Brackets: general use of 0.5MM thickness ordinary painting, pressure plate using recycled plastic, easy to rust and damage, good installation code is a solid guarantee of electric curtain track, should be 1.0MM steel plate, using nylon pressure plate, the surface is strictly using pickling, cleaning, scaling, cleaning process, painting is solid, easy to install.
  • Track cover: general cheap electric curtain track made of recycled plastic, dull surface without toughness, excellent cover made of high quality ABS, smooth surface, clear trademark and text.
  • Packaging:General track packaging simple and no packaging, good track will use well printed PE bags.
  • Features: concealed tracks are characterised by the fact that they can be bent at any angle and are suitable for different shapes of windows. But the same as the open track, when choosing, must choose solid profile, otherwise it is easy to deform.

2. Open rail

Now installed more open rail, the so-called open rail is a Roman rail and decorative rail collectively, open rail according to the material has aluminium alloy, solid wood, steel tube of the three categories.

  • Solid wood decorative rail: more common, colour variety, according to the type can be divided into transparent colour and cover the colour of the two, basically depends on the surface treatment, whether smooth, whether the paint is uniform, whether the shape of the decorative head is well-proportioned, etc., solid wood decorative rails with muffler and without muffler two, basically there is no difference because the number of times a day curtains open and close there are no several times.
  • Aluminium alloy decorative track: more on the market, the difference between the quality as long as you look at its wall thickness can be good tube wall is relatively thick to be in 1.5MM-2MM. ring design, many aluminium alloy decorative rail pull ring in the upper and lower part of the track has a pull groove, in fact, it is a fake decorative rail design, the real decorative rod of the pull ring is directly in the The pull ring of the real decorative pole is directly sliding on the pole, and the poor decorative pole adopts the pull ring of recycled plastic, and the manufacturing process is rough.
  • Steel decorative pole: commonly known as iron rod, surface treatment with spraying, plating, diameter 16MM, 19MM, 20MM, 25MM, etc., the quality of spraying and plating to see the quality of the mounting feet, the thickness of the steel plate, and the thickness of the pipe wall.
  • Characteristics: open track is generally a wooden curtain track, wooden curtain track requires good load-bearing performance, so as not to be used after a long time in the middle of the depression, resulting in opening and closing the curtains is not smooth. Concealed track is generally profiles, stainless steel, plastic steel is a common material.
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