Operation Form and Maintenance and Cleaning of Zebra Curtains

Operation Form and Maintenance and Cleaning of Zebra Curtains

Soft screen curtains have which kinds of operation form, how to maintain and clean these you know? Ultrasonic cleaning can be used to make fabrics shine like new. Vacuuming and dusting. For a deep clean, use a hoover with a brush head to gently vacuum. You can also use a hair dryer to remove dust from certain window treatments. For dusting use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with warm water to wipe the curtains. Add a mild detergent if needed. Wipe gently to prevent wrinkling or damaging the fabric; wiping will result in cleaner curtains. 

  • Manual Cord Pulling

Single ring shaft cord control system, no need for ladder cords like ordinary blinds or blinds through the cord, to ensure that the curtains are neat, beautiful and flawless. Full box top groove design, when the curtains are fully closed, the curtain fabric is hidden in the top groove, effectively protecting the curtain fabric from accidental cuts.


  • Semi-automatic spring type

In the spring roller shutter and pull the bead type soft gauze curtain developed on the basis of a new soft gauze curtain system, can be used in the traditional way of operation, pull the bead to achieve the purpose of soft gauze curtain lifting and lowering, but also can pull the soft gauze curtain lower rail, gently pull the light release relying on the spring force to achieve the lifting and lowering of the soft gauze curtain fabric, this system is convenient to operate and save energy, we have also added the limiters type of design, when the roller shutter in the descending process, such as to make the When the roller blind is in the process of descending, if you want to make it stop in the middle, just gently pull the back of the pull bead soft curtain will stop the movement. The only disadvantage of the height should not be done too high, the spring elasticity is limited, generally applicable to 1.5 metres and below the height of the window.


  • Motorised Roll-Up

Motorised soft screen curtain adopts tubular motor with 2.0mm thickness 40 roll tube (with curtain cover design) or 1.2mm thickness 50 roll tube (without curtain cover design), the control system can be external wall switch, wireless remote control and other modes, the motor can also use the latest mute series of motors, suitable for higher-grade office space or smart home environment.

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