What are the features of zebra curtains?

What are the features of zebra curtains?

Zebra curtain is many people like to choose a curtain, bring the effect is very good, zebra curtain is made of polyester fabric, environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, he is through a special weaving method in the same piece of weaving between the fabric to add a layer of yarn folded and become. Folded into horizontal strips of soft curtains to regulate the amount of light. Dimension indoor to provide harmonious lighting effect. At the same time make the strong sunlight become soft. Comfortable, good line of sight. Durable, will not be like ordinary roller blinds because of sun exposure and discolouration deformation.


Double-layer translucent curtain design --- middle translucent curtains With blinds open dimming function, adjust the angle of the curtain, can make different translucent curtains overlap, with fabric light and soft texture. Effectively block ultraviolet rays, curtain surface by high temperature and high pressure, anti-static treatment, the curtain is not easy to accumulate dust, cleaning and maintenance is simple, the fabric is not easy to deformation, there is a built-in top groove, when the curtains are fully closed, the curtain fabric and the low groove is completely hidden with the top groove, which can effectively protect the curtains. However, it is also necessary to correctly select the right curtains to achieve the best results.


Features of zebra curtain

  • Brightness can be adjusted at will

Compared with fabric curtains, the shading effect of zebra curtains can be easily adjusted, by adjusting the overlap of transparent yarn and zebra curtains to achieve different lighting effects.

  • Low noise

Zebra curtains are usually controlled by pulling the beads and ropes, and the crystal pulling beads are designed to be silent and smooth, and the noise is very small.

  • Fashionable and unique style

Zebra curtains are handed down from Korea, so its style retains a slightly Korean flavour, giving people a stylish and elegant, relaxed and casual feeling, suitable for young women or children to use.

  • Easy to clean

Zebra curtains are easy to clean, usually only need to use a chicken feather duster, hoover or hair dryer to clean the dust on the surface. When encountering more obvious stains, you can use a moist soft cloth or sponge to wipe the curtains, if necessary, you can also add a small amount of neutral detergent to assist in cleaning.

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