How to choose the colour of curtains?

How to choose the colour of curtains?

Both practical and decorative curtains, counted as a big piece of soft furnishings, a curtain often accounts for the entire wall, if not selected, the home is reduced by a few grades, to avoid a variety of decorative pits, and finally don't lose in the curtains, take a look at the curtains to buy the Raider's Guide.

  • According to the wall colour to choose

Curtains and walls are the two main colour blocks at home, the two colours are a matching role, you can design the same colour scheme of different brightness, create an echo or a sense of hierarchy of distinction, can be more prominent in the home of the colour scheme level. However, it should be noted that the walls and curtains can not be the same colour, otherwise it will appear redundant and dull.

  • According to the floor colour to choose

According to the floor tone of the curtain colour selection, to a certain extent, can solve the problem of colour matching. For example, if the home with warm wood colour as the floor colour, you can accordingly choose earth colour as the direction of matching. Earth tones do not have a serious colour bias, and wood floor tones are similar in tone, matching can make the space become rustic and soft.

  • According to the soft furnishing tone to choose

In addition to the choice of curtain colour can create a sense of hierarchy in the space, but also with the home soft furnishings with the composition of the space tone of the whole. Therefore, we can also choose the colour of the curtains according to the colour of the sofa, the colour of the carpet and other soft furnishings hues to match. If there are fewer colours in the room, you can choose other colours that you like to clash.

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