What are the considerations for selecting a motorised curtain track?

What are the considerations for selecting a motorised curtain track?

Control system mainly infrared system, some wireless control system, but the two control systems are similar in price, but the best wireless, infrared control system by the distance and direction of the limitations, and can not penetrate the obstacles. Wireless control system is divided into two kinds of built-in and external, external type has a control line connecting the motor and hand control panel (at the same time is the remote control receiving device), the wiring problem of the late stage of the renovation of the headache, go to the obvious and inconvenient, go to the dark line more trouble! Built-in is the cancellation of the control surface.


  • Transmission part

    Transmission part is mainly divided into PVC track transmission and steel wire transmission, it is said that the market now also exists in some cotton rope transmission of electric window track, compared with the steel wire transmission of electric window track, noise, long time is easy to produce steel wire pulling the edge of the problem or fracture, PVC track transmission of electric window track there is no such problem exists, and the noise is low. The price difference between the two is about double.


    • Silence

      Small noise is the most concerned about the problem, usually the product has no noise.

      First, the electric window track can be top mounted not side mounted, top mounted solid! Top mounted, it is best that the top is solid. In many cases, there is space between the ceiling and the installation of the core board, so the noise is inevitable.

      Secondly, the slide can be whole, do not open, unless it is impossible to bring into the construction site without cutting. Although it is a bit of trouble, it is better to use the whole one, at least it avoids the noise generated after the track is not aligned.

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